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language growth studios for children and teenagers.

An English school can offer children more than just language learning. LaLa ENGLISH is a comprehensive development studio designed for children and teenagers, featuring a non-standard education system. Instead of traditional lessons, the focus is on holistic development, all in English. With an innovative concept already in place, the studio aimed to attract new clients and expand into a franchise project.


What was the challenge?

​​The English school market is highly competitive, akin to the abundance of fruit stands in Thailand. Yes, it's massive! Even with a unique teaching method, a cool brand could still remain known only among acquaintances and struggle to expand beyond that. The task at hand was to rethink the strategy, making the LaLa ENGLISH brand appealing to two target groups — the customers and potential franchisees.


What did we do?

We strengthened the LaLa ENGLISH brand to be able to easily sell the franchise and acquire customers for both existing and new schools. To achieve it, we:


  • created two distinct communication strategies — one for the brand and another for selling the franchise

  • revamped the website structure to effectively convey the essence of the brand

  • developed engaging advertising slogans and the technical task for the creative team

  • created new local marketing standards — a document for franchisees that leads them to opening a successful business step-by-step.

What results did the client get?

The implementation of the brand's communication strategy increased sales by 70% within 2 months.

Now, LaLa ENGLISH has enough interested customers to fill its own and franchise schools.

The business became attractive for franchisees and from several offices in ... has expanded into an all-Ukrainian venture. LaLa English schools are already operating in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Odesa.

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