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the first Ukrainian brand of dental instruments from the largest manufacturer of beauty instruments in the world "Staleks"

Opportunities for scale-up may emerge unexpectedly. Sometimes, the key point lies in exploring new ideas that might not seem obvious at first. We're here to support you in turning those ideas into profitable ventures, similar to the successful partnership with MEDDINS, the first Ukrainian manufacturer of dental instruments.


How was it?

The owner of Stalex, a thriving company manufacturing manicure tools for over twenty years and already popular in 63+ countries, experienced the moment of revelation. It turned out that the shape of manicure tools resembled that of dental instruments. This realization became the turning point, literally an opportunity for growth. It would be a sin not to use it.


What did we do?

We have built a strong brand from scratch.

  • Conducted research to understand exactly what kind of tools are required by dentists.

  • Created a diverse product line, set pricing, and determined the tools’ release order to interest as many customers as possible.

  • Developed a marketing strategy, promotion methods, and channels. 

  • Through in-depth interviews, we created a communication strategy that hit the target.

  • Produced grand-scale shooting of video content for the brand identity, including numerous video interviews with dentists.


What results were achieved?

The first made-in-Ukraine dental instruments garnered significant demand from both practicing dentists and students alike. The brand's success has led to collaborations with dental schools, courses, and prominent dentists. Moreover, participation in exhibitions has further strengthened its presence.

Achieving certification for selling tools in the European Union was a major milestone, and now the company is all set to conquer the global market.

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