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If your business does not achieve financial goals, does not have a customer attraction system or it has stopped working, you want to enter a new market and the company does not have an expert who can systematically develop it. Then you perfectly understand that you need solutions right now.

At the strategy session, we help businesses and teams find breakthrough solutions that help businesses grow exponentially in a short period of time. You get an action plan that you can immediately implement and feel the financial result.

The strategic session consists of:

  1. Preliminary analysis of the company according to the tasks of the session. We analyze: positioning, target audience, product, sales channels, company goals. We conduct preliminary interviews of the owner and key employees of the company.

  2. Zoom meetings with the business owner and team. We analyze the problem, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop ways to solve the problem. Duration 3-5 hours.

  3. Formed practical recommendations according to the decisions made at the session. Transmitted in document format.

The duration of all stages is 2 weeks


A modern business problem is the lack of quality marketers on the market. Unprofessional marketers drain your budget and your business loses money. This leads to global problems of business growth. 

Marketing support is not just a set of services, but a strategic approach that will help you solve your problems, find new opportunities, increase profits and build an effective marketing system.

Krasivo Group is a team of professionals with many years of experience in supporting businesses in various fields. 


With us you will get: 

  • A detailed marketing plan for the year, which takes into account all aspects of your business: product, pricing policy, promotion, analysis of the market, competitors, target audience, etc.

  • Clear goals and objectives with KPIs for each month that align with business goals.

  • You don't have to worry about technical tasks such as website development, creating advertising campaigns, copywriting, design, SMM, SEO and others. We take responsibility for setting up TK for employees and contractors, as well as for quality control of each marketing process.

  • We become part of your team that regularly brainstorms with the business owner and the top team to generate new ideas, hypotheses, and experiments that allow you to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and business.

  • An objective assessment of the strong and weak areas of your business, as well as recommendations for their improvement. We help you identify growth points that will give you a competitive edge in the market.


You achieve your financial plans, because we work for financial results, not for hours. 


The personal brand of a business owner or expert is a tool for increasing sales and expanding the target audience of a business. A personal brand allows you to build the client's trust in the company's products or an expert.

Building a personal brand and converting it into sales is, in most cases, much faster and more effective than building a company brand.           


The strategy of building a personal brand consists of:

  1. A strategic session in which we unpack the personality, identify the goals of building a personal brand, and form target audience groups. 

  2. Development of a unique sales offer, because a personal brand is needed precisely for sales. 

  3. Formation of positioning and values. 

  4. Development of rubrics and content topics for social networks. 

  5. A plan for engaging the target audience.


The duration of all stages is 2 weeks


An online meeting where we, with the business owner and his team, will analyze a request from tactical or strategic marketing. At the meeting, you will receive practical recommendations or solutions regarding your request. 


Duration 2 hours, cost 230€


The structure and filling is determined individually according to your initial request free online meetings

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