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A supplier of bulk perfumes and bottles (a monopolist in the Ukrainian market) and a manufacturer of home fragrances.

We changed the attitude of Ukrainians towards wholesale perfumes and proved that niche perfumes are not a panacea. Perfumer is a wholesale perfume supplier that entered the market in 2000 and is currently a monopoly. The brand needed to increase sales by gaining more credibility.


What was the challenge?

Luxury brands established in our minds the idea that perfume must be expensive and niche. Therefore, most people tend to own only one or two bottles in their collection and avoid buying wholesale perfumes. In order to change this prejudice, we chose a full marketing strategy.


Що ми зробили?

We found a big idea that influenced both the b2b and b2c markets.

The perfume collection is a wardrobe of fragrances for all occasions that emphasize your image and individuality.

Perfume is not a privilege but a choice of who you want to be today. So there should be plenty of options.


To convey the big idea to the target audience, we:

  • developed two separate communication strategies — for b2b and b2c

  • prepared texts for advertising materials and took responsibility for art direction

  • created an entertaining and informative YouTube channel, which became the main platform for communication

  • planned and implemented ideas for the promotion of the YouTube channel.

What did the results get the client?

We conveyed the idea that wholesale perfumery is about convenience and quick satisfaction of personal needs to a huge audience. By transforming the mindset of buyers, we increased the number of the Perfumer company partners as well. 

YouTube Videos

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