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village of townhouses.

Selling a comfortable neighborhood instead of the usual sales of houses or land plots. Freya is a Scandinavian cottage town near Kyiv for those who choose a fulfilling life in a vibrant community. In this case, we became more than just a marketing team, as the developer needed ideological inspiration for success.

What was the challenge?

While comfort is often emphasized by all developers when it comes to new homes, we knew we had to go beyond the surface to find what makes Freya truly unique. We aimed to set it apart from the regular "smart villages" in the Scandinavian style. Our primary task was to establish a strong brand identity for the town.


What did we do?

We embarked on extensive market research and even played the role of secret shoppers to understand the sales system from the inside out. Surprisingly, we discovered that everyone else focused on selling houses. We decided to sell the idea of a neighborhood — an inspiring, close-knit community built on shared values.

Building on this idea, we achieved the following:

  • Created a compelling concept of the cottage town

  • Developed the communication strategy

  • Created a logo and found a corporate style

  • Prepared a landing page for sales

  • Made layouts of external advertising materials.

What did the results get the client?

Freya, the conceptual village, is currently under construction and actively generating sales. The town has already captured the attention of hundreds of IT specialists and top managers from various fields. Through our communication strategy, we successfully influenced the developer to make significant changes to the building plan. As a result, a pair of townhouses vanished from the general map, making way for a convenient common area with high-speed Wi-Fi coverage. This space will provide residents with the ideal setting to work, play chess, and build networks, fostering a true sense of community.

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