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«Dumchykov&Co»  - Ремонтно-будівельна компанія.


From a skilled team of builders to a brand with a distinctive positioning. We are talking about Dumchykov&Co — a construction company based in Kharkiv, for which we did pretty much everything imaginable in the world of marketing.


What was the challenge?

The main challenge was to create a construction brand from scratch, moving away from the conventional names that may sound outdated and unremarkable. Before our collaboration, the company had been in existence for 9 years. But it struggled to receive direct requests due to the lack of positioning and the traditional "schemes" prevailing in the construction industry. These schemes involved clients choosing a designer who then brought in their contractors. Therefore, we took on the task of transforming the construction microcosm.


Що ми зробили?

We revolutionized the construction market by implementing a comprehensive approach to brand building. The journey began with extensive market research, which laid the foundation for a new marketing strategy. Central to this strategy was positioning Dumchykov&Co as a full-stack company specializing in creating aesthetically pleasing maintenance.


Based on the new strategy, we:

  • Developed the brand name

  • Created a marketing strategy

  • Prepared a communication strategy 

  • Developed an SMM strategy

  • Established a consistent brand voice across all communication channels

  • Designed a logo, corporate style, and revised the brand name

  • Created an engaging landing page

  • Produced professional photo and video content

  • Invented the first two-year repair warranty on the market.

What did the results get the client?

We attained the construction brand with a unique positioning.

Instead of projecting a rough and unappealing construction image, the focus shifted to aesthetics and professionalism, resonating with potential clients at every touchpoint.

The rebranding successfully achieved its primary goal, as customers now approach Dumchykov&Co directly without the need for recommendations from designers.


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