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«DIM development»

Group of Companies.

The first honest guide to Kyiv in Telegram, which replaced boring news about the company's events.


DIM Group, a prominent real estate developer in Kyiv, needed to establish a community in social media for engaging with clients.

What was the challenge?

Typically, branding communication for developers revolves around a channel sharing company news. However, we all know that news can become tiresome and boring. So, instead of focusing on construction stages and material choices, the idea was to create an independent guide to Kyiv.


What did we do?

We came up with an honest guide on Telegram. The «хоdimо» channel has become a place where you can find out true information about events and locations. Users can view these places in their entirety, explore prices, and gain authentic insights beyond the surface.


To create it, we:

  • researched all possible online city guides and reviews existing in Ukraine

  • developed a concept that, in addition to honest reviews, includes a thematic rating

  • invented conceptual naming

  • prepared a channel management strategy focused on very diverse target groups — mothers with children, dog owners, an active adult audience, and young people.


What did the results get the client?

We attracted new potential customers who resonated with the idea of living life to the fullest. Within just three weeks of its launch, the channel gathered 1,000 subscribers. The average reach of advertising posts gains 5,000 views.

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